HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 5-15. Box shadow
The values for box-shadow act in the same way as text-shadow , in that if you
specify negative offset values, the shadow will be rendered to the left and top of
the screen.
CSS Media Queries
CSS media queries allow you to pull in CSS styles, depending on certain
conditions. These conditions can include those shown in Table 5-3.
Table 5-3 Media Query Properties
The type of media for the
screen , print , braille ,
embossed , handheld ,
projection , speech , tty , tv ,
and other custom options
The width of the viewport cm (for print), pixels, em
The height of the viewport cm(for print), pixels, em
[max-|min-]device-width The width of the device's
screen (equivalent to
screen.width in JavaScript)
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