HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Listing 4-21. Cache Manifest File
This will ensure that the index.html , bootstrap.js , and mobile.css files are
cached for offline viewing. As you build the application, more files and rules will
be added to the cache manifest file.
From this chapter, you should have gained an understanding of how to manage
paging in mobile web applications, and how to pick the appropriate paging
strategy, depending on the requirements of the project. You should also have an
understanding of how to begin building an application----
-from an idea through to
requirements, from IA/wireframes through to coding the foundation in HTML,
and how the device's orientation and screen size will affect how you design your
In Chapter 5, you will next learn how CSS can change the way you style,
animate, and increase the performance of your mobile web application, as well
as how SASS can help to organize your CSS rules and produce a structured set
of CSS files.
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