HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
As you can see from Figure 4-8, the page looks pretty boring. The next
workshop will cover using CSS to style the application.
Figure 4-8. Full movie listing page
Movie Search and Add
With the Movie List feature in place, it's now time to cover the task of searching
and adding movies. This can be performed in one of two ways.
The user searches for a movie and is presented with a list.
From this list, the user taps the movie, which then brings them
to the Movie Info screen. From this screen, the user can then
add the movie to the list and return to the Movie List.
The second option is to present the user with suggestions,
allow them to tap the suggestion that suites them, and click on
the add button. The user can then view the Movie Info at a
later date.
There is nothing wrong with either option, but the most optimal one lies again in
the situation the user is in when searching for movies. To answer this, you need
to refer back to the MoSCoW requirements for the project. One of the must-
have requirements is to ''Allow users to quickly add and remove movies to and
from a personal list''. Chances are that the user will open the application, search
for the movie, add it, close the application, and look at the list of movies in more
detail at a later date. Figures 4-9 and 4-10 show what the search functionality
will look like for tablet and mobile, based on this.
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