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It won't:
Send notifications to users when movies are released
Allow users to rate movies after they have been seen
Allow users to invite other users to the cinema to see movies
Now that the core features and functionality have been defined, we can start to
create a user journey based on the must-have, should-have, and could-have
feature set.
To begin with, we should build upon our core feature set from the must-have
category. Figure 4-1 shows how the core functionality of the application should
function. The user should launch the app and be presented with a list of movies
that they have added. From here, they can add to the list or delete from it. They
will then be taken back to the Movie List.
Figure 4-1. Primary features of the application
Now you can build upon this and start adding the should-have features. In
Figure 4-2, you can see that only the Movie Info feature has been added. We still
need to provide a list of movie suggestions while the user is typing, but this list
of movie suggestions will be a feature of the Add Movie feature, rather than the
Movie Info feature.
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