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including features or technical details. The sentence should simply describe the
app and its goal. For MoMemo, the application definition would be as follows:
MoMemo is an application that allows users to quickly note down movie trailers
that they see in the cinema and be reminded when the movie is released.
The next step is to define the must-have features that will help to satisfy the
primary goal for the application. MoSCoW (Must have, Should have, Could have,
Won't have) can be a good method to define the core features and functionality
of the application. It will allow you to define the core features (must have), the
features that provide added value (should have), the features that would be nice
to implement if there is time left over at the end of the project (could have), and
the features that you can't afford to implement due to time or funding
restrictions but could implement in the very near future (won't have). This will
help to prevent scope creep and the ''never-ending project'' syndrome, where
developers constantly talk about an app and its extremely long list of impossible
features, but never actually create it.
For MoMemo to be successful, the application must:
Allow users to quickly add and remove movies to and from a
personal list
Allow users to view movies in the list
It should:
Provide a list of movie suggestions while the user types
Show information about the movie including
Release date
Cast list
It could:
Allow users to view the movie trailer
Allow users to play sound clips from the movie
Allow users to share items added to their list on social
Display a map of the closest cinemas to the user when viewing
a movie memo
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