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Peppers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. From the luscious sweet red bell
peppers to the fiery hot Scotch Bonnet chiles to the beautiful lantern shaped HabaƱero,
peppers in all their shapes and forms make a beautiful addition to your garden and kitchen.
Peppers are amongst the most popular home-grown crop. Whether you're looking for
something crisp to put in a salad or stir-fry or some extra heat to a pasta or pizza, nothing
beats taking a ripened pepper off your plant. Once you have grown your own you will soon
realize how tasteless the peppers you buy at the store really are!
Not only do peppers taste great, but they are also good for you. They are low in
calories and contain high sources of vitamin C (a small red pepper will contain more vitam-
in C than a whole orange) and vitamin A (several times higher than your daily nutritional
needs) and several antioxidants including lycopene and para-coumeric acid, so can play a
role towards a healthy balanced diet.
The good news is that peppers are easy to grow. They don't require a large amount
of space, so if you have some space that catches the sun, you will have a perfect growing
location. Whether you start growing from pepper seeds or from seedlings, you can soon be
enjoying your very own harvest of peppers.
This complete guide shows you how to have perfectly grown peppers and chiles
whether you are a pepper novice or seasoned pepper grower. It shows the best hints and
tips for growth and highlights many of the common mistakes people make when growing
peppers. It shows you how you can have a great pepper harvest whether you live in sprawl-
ing countryside or city apartment. This guide takes you through all the steps required, from
preparing your planting spot, choosing the correct variety for your location, the correct way
to plant and look after your plants (including what companion plants work great with your
pepper plants), through to harvesting your plump ripe peppers.
Whether you want to grow peppers at home to save some money on your grocery
bill, make some money from selling peppers at a farmer's market, or simply want to taste
a truly great tasting pepper or chile, right now is the perfect time to start planning growing
your own!
Always Perfectly Grown guides are compiled by seasoned horticulturists and
gardeners. Fed up of watching people make the same mistakes when growing their own
crops, these guides were compiled to provide a complete guide to growing fruit and veget-
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