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ToMV - Tomato Mosaic Virus
TSWV - Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
V - Verticillium Wilt
A more detailed description of some of the more common diseases, their effects,
how to spot and treat them can be seen in chapter 10.
In addition to resistance to a range of diseases, you will also see varieties which
have resistance to a range of physiological and environmental conditions (either naturally
occurring or through targeted breeding). The common attributes are as follows:
BER - Blossom End Rot
C - Cold
H - Heat
S - Stress
SB - Sunburn
ST - Stip
These too are described in more detail in Chapter 10.
Alternatively you can purchase seedlings. Ensure you buy the healthiest seedlings
possible, otherwise if they are showing signs of disease or stress you are simply introducing
this into your own garden and giving yourself plenty of heartache.
Look for seedlings that are 6-10 weeks old with a dark green color. These should
be the strongest seedlings, so check for thick stems. If any blooms have appeared, simply
pinch these off - this forces the seedling to put its effort into growing and adapting to its
new surrounding after transplanting, ensuring a healthier more productive plant in the long-
run. Don't purchase any seedlings if the bottom leaves are starting to discolor - this is a
telltale sign of a diseased or stressed plant. Also check the leaves for any sign of pests
(checking both sides of the leaf) or pest damage, in particular aphids or bite marks. If there
are any, do not purchase.
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