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name="src" value="img_submit.gif" />
name="width" value="68" />
name="height" value="68" />
<!-- Pass through attributes 3 -->
<h:inputText value="image3" >
Pass-through elements
In contrast to pass-through attributes that allow you to pass HTML attributes to the
browser without interpretation, pass-through elements allow you to use the HTML
tag as a JSF component. This gives you the opportunity to enrich the HTML tag
with JSF features and take advantage of the JSF component lifecycle. To make this
possible, the framework will establish a correspondence between the HTML markup
specified by the developer, which is rendered to the browser, and an equivalent JSF
component for server-side processing.
To use pass-through elements in a given HTML tag, you must prefix at least one of
its attributes with the short name assigned to the
The following code snippet shows how to use pass-through elements:
<!-- namespace -->
<html ...
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