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Pass-through attributes
During the generation of web pages that will be sent to the browser, the attributes for
each JSF component are interpreted and validated by the UIComponent or Render-
er. Unlike adding HTML5 attributes into all JSF components so that they can be val-
idated by the UIComponent or Renderer, pass-through attributes give developers
the ability to list a set of attributes that will be passed straight through to the browser
without being interpreted by the UIComponent or Renderer. This can be done with
three different approaches:
• By introducing the namespace xmlns:pta="
jsf/passthrough" ; this will be used to prefix all of the component attrib-
utes that must be copied without interpretation into the web page intended for
the browser (see Pass through attributes 1 in the code that follows)
• By nesting the <f:passThroughAttribute> tag within a UIComponent
tag for a single attribute (see Pass through attributes 2 in the follow-
ing code)
• By nesting the <f:passThroughAttributes> tag within a UIComponent
tag for an EL value that is evaluated to Map<String, Object> (see Pass
through attributes 3 in the code that follows)
<!-- namespace -->
<html ...
<!-- Pass through attributes 1 -->
<h:inputText pta:type="image"
pta:width="58" pta:height="58" />
<!-- Pass through attributes 2 -->
<h:inputText value="image2" >
name="type" value="image" />
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