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The expression: a = 6+1; a*2 returns 14.
Static fields and methods
With EL 3.0, it is now possible to directly access static fields and methods of a Java
class by using the syntax MyClass.field or MyClass.method , where MyClass
is the name of the class that contains the static variable or method. The code that
follows demonstrates how to access the MIN_VALUE field of the Integer class and
how to parse the String '2' to int by using the static parseInt method of the In-
teger class:
ELProcessor el = new ELProcessor();
//static variable access
out.println("<h1> The value of
Integer.MIN_VALUE : "
+ el.eval("Integer.MIN_VALUE")
+ "</h1>");
//static method access
out.println("<h1> The value of
Integer.parseInt('2') : "
el.eval("Integer.parseInt('2')") + "</h1>");
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