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The following code shows us what chunk batch artifact implementation looks like.
The InscriptionCheckpoint allows you to know the line that is being pro-
cessed. The source code of this section is a validation program that sends a mes-
sage to the candidates to let them know if they have been accepted or not. At the
end, it displays monitoring information in a web page. The processing is launched by
the Servlet.
The following code is a skeleton of chunk batch artifact implementations:
public class InscriptionReader extends
AbstractItemReader {
public Object readItem() throws Exception {
//Read data and return the item
public class InscriptionProcessor implements
public Object processItem(Object o) throws
Exception {
//Receive item from the reader, process and
return the result
public class StudentNotifier extends
AbstractItemWriter {
public void writeItems(List<Object> items)
throws Exception {
//Receive items from the processor then
write it out
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