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Aswesaidearlier, JobRepository storesmetadataaboutcurrentandpastrunning
jobs. It can be accessed through JobOperator .
A Job can be seen as an entity to encapsulate a unit of batch processing. It is made
up of one or many steps, which must be configured within an XML file called a Job
configuration file or Job XML . This file will contain job identification information and
different steps that compose the job. The code that follows shows the skeleton of a
Job XML file.
<job id="inscription-validator-Job"
<step id="step1" >
<step id="step2" >
The Job XML file is named with the convention <name>.xml (for example, in-
scriptionJob.xml ) and should be stored under the META-INF/batch-jobs
directory for portable application.
A Step is an autonomous phase of a batch. It contains all the necessary information
to define and control a piece of batch processing. A batch step is either a chunk or
a batchlet (the two are mutually exclusive). The step of the following code is a chunk
type step:
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