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The realm_users table will store all user IDs and passwords, the realm_groups
table will store all the group IDs of our application with their description, while the
users_groups table will tell us what groups a user belongs to. Thus, a user can
belong to several groups.
Once you have defined the structure of the database that will host different users,
you must configure GlassFish so that it can connect to your database (MySQL
5, in our case) and access authentication information. To do this, you have to
start by copying the Java connector of your database ( mysql-connector-
java-5.1.23-bin.jar , in our case) into the directory:
glassfish_install_dir\glassfish\domains\domain1\lib . Then, you
have to connect to the GlassFish administration console and gain access to the
realms creation form by navigating to Configurations | server-config | Security |
Realms . By clicking on the Realms menu, the following form will be displayed; you
then need to click on the New button and the realms creation form will appear:
The following table shows the fields that you need to fill for a JDBCRealm :
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