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public void cleanSubject(MessageInfo
messageInfo, Subject subject) throws
AuthException {
Installing and configuring the authentication module
Install the authentication module by copying the JAR file of the module in the
install_glassfish\ glassfish\domains\domain1\lib directory of your
GlassFish Server.
Once the module is installed, you can configure it in the GlassFish administration
console as follows:
1. Log on to the GlassFish administration console.
2. Expand the server-config menu.
3. In the menu that appears, expand the Security menu.
4. In the submenu, expand the Message security menu.
5. Click on the HttpServlet menu.
6. On the form that appears, click on the Providers tab to add a new provider.
7. Click on the New button and fill out the appropriate form. Before recording
your entry, your form should look like the following screenshot:
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