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StudentSessionBeanWithoutInterceptor {
//Method to intercept
By default, the interceptor is not enabled. To do this, you must declare the interceptor
in the bean.xml file as follows:
Defining the execution order of interceptors
When we talked about the CDI Specification in the Chapter 7 , Annotations and CDI ,
we discussed adding the @Priority annotation. This annotation was adopted by
the Interceptors 1.2 Specification and permits us to define an execution order for in-
terceptors that were declared with interceptor bindings. When using this annotation,
the interceptor with the smallest priority is called first. The following code demon-
strates how to use this annotation. In our case, the LoggerInterceptor intercept-
or will be called before the LoggerInterceptor1 interceptor.
public class LoggerInterceptor {
// interceptor method
public class LoggerInterceptor1 {
//Interceptor method
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