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create an interceptor binding type, declare the interceptor bindings, and bind this in-
terceptor to the desired component.
Creation of interceptor binding types
The interceptor binding type is created exactly like a simple annotation, except that
it adds at least the @InterceptorBinding among the annotations used to define
the characteristic of the interceptor binding. The following code shows the declara-
tion of an interceptor binding type to log some information:
@Target({ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD})
public @interface Log {
Declaring interceptor binding
We can declare interceptor binding by annotating an interceptor with the interceptor
binding type and the @javax.interceptor.Interceptor annotation. The fol-
lowing code demonstrates how to declare an interceptor binding:
public class LoggerInterceptor {
// Interceptors methods
Binding an interceptor by using interceptor binding type
After all these operations, it is up to you to decorate a non interceptor component
with the interceptor binding types to bind the interceptor to a component. The fol-
lowing code demonstrates how to bind the LoggerInterceptor interceptor to our
public class
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