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private String email;
//...getter and setter
The following code shows an example of the content of the web page allowing can-
didates to enter their personal identification. As you can see, we used the pass
through attribute explained in Chapter 3 , The Presentation Layer , to use the calen-
dar of HTML5 and we put the tag <h:message/> next to each field with the ID of
the concerned field in order to display error messages in case of violation of the con-
straint. This allows us to have the screen capture shown in the following screenshot.
The following code is an example of the contents of the identificationInform-
ationPage.xml JSF page:
<html xmlns=""
<title>Inscription information</title>
<table border="0">
<th>Name :</th>
<th><h:message for="name"
<td>Birthday :</td>
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