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//Get object for accessing EIS functions
javax.resource.cci.Interaction interaction
//Get record factory
javax.resource.cci.RecordFactory rfact =
javax.resource.cci.IndexedRecord input
javax.resource.cci.IndexedRecord output
//Look up a preconfigured InteractionSpec
javax.resource.cci.InteractionSpec interSp =
... ;
interaction.execute(interSp, input, output);
int index_of_element = ...;//index of element
to return
System.out.println("The result :
} catch (Exception ex) {
Latest improvements
Talking about novelty, the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.7 was slightly improved.
Indeed, in this specification, it is more a matter of clarification and requirements
statements. That said, JCA 1.7 has introduced the following changes:
• It insists on the availability of the the application component environment
namespace of the endpoint to the resource adapter when the end-
pointActivation and endpointDeactivation methods are called
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