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share his/her ideas with all candidates connected with respect to a given
• An Administrator is a special user who has the right to run the validation pro-
cess of preregistration. It is this process that creates the students and sends
e-mails to different candidates to let them know whether they have been se-
lected or not.
• The Ministry of Education is a secondary actor of the system; it seeks access
to the number of preregistered students and the list of students during an
academic year.
Class diagram
The following class diagram shows all the main classes used for the realization of
our online preregistration. This diagram also highlights the relationships that exist
between different classes.
The CandidateSessionBean class is a bean that records the preregistration of
candidates through registerCandidate method. It also provides methods for ac-
cessing all the registered candidates ( listOfCandidates ) and preregistered stu-
dents ( listOfStudents ).
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