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Bowman explained the principles behind table-less design, using Microsoft's
old site as a case study. Floats were used prominently in his mock overhaul
of the Microsoft layout.
The float CSS property can accept one of 4 values: left, right,
none , and inherit . It is declared as shown in the code below.
#sidebar {
float: left;
The most commonly-used values are left and right . A value of none is
the default, or initial float value for any element in an HTML page. The
value inherit , which can be applied to nearly any CSS property, does not
work in Internet Explorer versions up to and including 7.
The float property does not require the application of any other property
on a CSS element for float to function correctly, however, float will work
more e " ectively under specific circumstances.
Generally, a floated element should have an explicitly set width (unless it is a
replaced element, like an image). This ensures that the float behaves as
expected and helps to avoid issues in certain browsers.
#sidebar {
float: left;
width: 350px;
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