HTML and CSS Reference
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#main {
float: left;
To which we add:
#wrapper {
border-left: 200px solid #D4C37B;
background-color: #ffe3a6;
border-right: 200px solid #D4C37B;
This code sets the background color for the three columns. In the same
sequence as the above declarations.
If you look at this first step, you'll see that we have achieved the background
e " ect we are looking for, but things look pretty broken. Everything shows
inside the wrapper's content box.
These next rules should fix the display of the three columns ( zoom: 1 for
the #wrapper and position: relative for #sidebar and #aside ):
#aside is given a width and floated to the right. The negative margins pull
each side bar over the wrapper's border — outside of the content box.
Note: IE 6 and 7 needs #wrapper to have a layout, hence the use of zoom .
IE 6 needs the two position declarations for the same reason as in the
previous demos.
If you look at step two, you'll see that #header does not stretch across the
entire layout and that #footer is nowhere to be found.
These two rules should take care of everything:
#footer {
margin-left: -200px;
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