HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
aid usability if used improperly, as explained in “CSS3 Multi-column layout
considered harmful,” so use it judiciously.
Controlling Text Wrapping and Breaking
Aids in: adaptability
CSS3 gives you more control over how blocks of text and individual words
break and wrap if they're too long to fit in their containers. Setting word-
wrap to break-word will break a long word and wrap it onto a new line
(particularly handy for long URLs in your text). The text-wrap property
gives you a number of options for where breaks may and may not occur
between words in your text. The CSS2 white-space property has now in
CSS3 become a shorthand property for the new white-space-
collapse and text-wrap properties, giving you more control over what
spaces and line breaks are preserved from your markup to the rendered
page. Another property worth mentioning, even though it's not currently in
the CSS3 specification, is text-overflow , which allows the browser to
add an ellipsis character (…) to the end of a long string of text instead of
letting it overflow.
Media Queries
Aids in: adaptability, e " ciency
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