HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
• E ! cient CSS Development Practices
• CSS Performance
• Font Embedding and Replacement
CSS3, the newest version of CSS that is now being partially supported by
most browsers, is the primary thing you need to know in order to create
modern CSS web sites, of course. CSS is a styling language, so it's no
surprise that most of what's new in CSS3 is all about visual e " ects. But CSS3
is about more than progressive enhancement and pretty typography. It can
also aid usability by making content easier to read, as well as improve
e ! ciency in development and page performance.
There are too many CSS3 techniques to cover in a single article, let alone an
article that isn't just about CSS3! So, we'll go through the basics of the most
important or supported CSS3 techniques and point you to some great
resources to learn more in-depth.
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