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usually want to take whatever exam is most current. Now that we've looked at what topics
you'll need to learn for the exam, crack open this topic and start studying!
C.4. Studying for the exam
You have a few options to study for this exam:
• Self-study
• Guided self-study
• Online class
• Classroom
Self-study is the simplest and most cost effective option. Since you're reading this, you're
already on your way! Go through all the topics in this topic at your own pace and you
should be in good shape for the exam.
Guided self-study is offered through Oracle University. It's essentially the same as self-
study, but you pay Oracle for all the study materials. You study at your own pace and re-
gister for the exam when you're ready.
Online classes are also available through Oracle University. As the name implies, online
classes are taken at home online. But they're structured just like classroom classes. Typic-
ally they're about eight hours a day for three days. This is a good option if you don't think
you can study the topics on your own but are unable to travel to take a class.
Classroom classes are exactly what you'd expect. You must travel to some location (hope-
fully near you) and attend class for three days, eight hours a day. This option provides you
the best environment for studying if your mind tends to wander and you lose focus easily.
It also provides the best interaction with the instructor and is the easiest environment for
asking questions and getting additional help.
Now that you have all of your studying done, let's look at what exam day will be like.
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