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C.1. Getting started with the certification process
Oracle's certification process is a series of exams Java developers can take to demonstrate
general competency and knowledge of both standard and Enterprise Java technology. The
certification process starts with the basics of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and
gradually builds in complexity as different paths take you to certifications on various Java
Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technologies.
The exam process isn't complicated. Just like college courses, some exams have prerequis-
ites you need to complete before getting the certification you may be interested in. By tak-
ing these prerequisite exams, you build your portfolio of Java certifications. The more cer-
tifications you have, the more you demonstrate your expertise with Java technology. This
lets employers and colleagues know just how serious you are about Java and demonstrates
your commitment to learning and independent study, which many employers value. We'll
talk more about the prerequisites for the EJB certification exam in section C.2 .
The certification exams are mostly multiple-choice questions. When you feel you're ready
to take the exam, go online, schedule a time at a qualifying exam center in your area, show
up, take the exam, and that's it. You'll be given your score at the end of the exam so you'll
know instantly whether you passed. If you passed, you'll receive your certification in the
mail a short time later.
Some certifications also have a development component to them. These are much like a
home project or a homework assignment. The details of the project are sent to you along
with a deadline. You then work at home on the project, and when you feel it's complete,
you turn it in (hopefully before the deadline is up). After this, there's usually a follow-up
at a qualifying exam center in your area that asks questions about the decisions you made
on your project. For these exam components, you won't know your score when you've fin-
ished and you'll have to wait for your exam to be graded.
In all cases, you start your journey through the Oracle Java certification process by visiting . This will redirect you to Oracle's main page for Java technology. Once
there, you'll want to look for the Certification Paths link, as shown in figure C.1 .
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