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Figure B.13. GlassFish Administration Console login page after changing the password for the admin user
This was just a very small taste of the Administration Console. GlassFish is a full-featured
Java EE 7 and its admin console can encompass an entire book on its own, so we won't go
into any more detail here. The final topic we need to look at is how to start and stop your
GlassFish application server.
B.3. Starting and stopping GlassFish
In general, there are two ways to start and stop the GlassFish application. The first is
through the Windows Start menu. The other is through the DOS console. Let's look at the
Windows Start menu option first.
With a typical installation of the Java EE 7 SDK, the installer adds Start menu shortcuts for
starting and stopping GlassFish ( figure B.14 ) .
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