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. You've now started a conversation and have also cached the item the user has
The final responsibility of the startConversation method is to transition to the item
page. The response is rendered within the current request so the cached item is still avail-
able. The page displaying the selected item is shown in listing 12.18 . When this page is
rendered, the selectedItem is retrieved from the getCurrentItem method .
This is a producer method, and it returns a selected item that's conversationally scoped and
thus survives until the conversation is ended. The conversation can be ended either pro-
grammatically or through expiration from inactivity.
Listing 12.18. Item page—view and bid
In this listing the name of the selected item is displayed . This requests the selected item
from the producer method in the ItemController shown in listing 12.17 . The amount
of the bid is captured using an input field . Clicking the Command button causes the
amount to be recorded and a confirmation page to be displayed. The placeOrder meth-
od call causes the placeBid.xhtml page to be displayed, which summarizes the bid and has
a button for confirming the details and finalizing the bid. The code for placeOrder is
contained within the BidController , as shown in the next listing.
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