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Table 1.2. EJB and EJB Lite feature comparison
EJB Lite
Stateless beans
Stateful beans
Singleton beans
Message-driven beans
No interfaces
Local interfaces
Remote interfaces
Web service interfaces
Asynchronous invocation
Declarative security
Declarative transactions
Programmatic transactions
Timer service
EJB 2.x support
CORBA interoperability
1.4.3. Embeddable containers
Traditional application servers run as a separate process that you deploy your applications
into. Embedded EJB containers, on the other hand, can be started through a programmatic
Java API inside your own application. This is very important for unit testing with JUnit as
well as using EJB 3 features in command-line or Swing applications. When an embedded
container starts, it scans the class path of your application and automatically deploys any
EJBs it can find. Figure 1.5 shows the architecture of an embedded EJB 3 container.
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