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Part 3. Using EJB with JPA and CDI
In this section you'll get in-depth coverage of EJB 3's relationship with JPA and CDI.
Chapter 9 introduces domain modeling and how to map JPA entities to your domain. Rela-
tionships between domain objects with JPAs are explained, as well as using inheritance with
JPA domain objects. Chapter 10 covers managing JPA entities through CRUD operations.
You'll learn about EntityManager , entity lifecycles, persisting and retrieving entities,
and entity scopes. Chapter 11 introduces JPQL and covers retrieval of data in-depth. You'll
learn how to create and execute standard JPQL queries, as well as how to use native SQL
queries when needed. Chapter 12 is an introduction to CDI and how it complements EJB
development. You'll also learn about web-specific extensions to CDL, specifically conver-
sations that are vital for today's multitab browsers.
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