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The code in this listing implements the web service and provides the services described in
the WSDL. This is much more complicated than the first example. Using annotations, you
must map the parameters and return value to the entities defined in the schema. In addition,
you must map the method to entries in the WSDL. This example will make more sense as
we go through the annotations.
Client generations
To generate a Java client for this service, use the wsimport command. This command
generates all of the classes specified in the UserDTO.xsd file along with a stub that you can
call to invoke the web service. You can use wsimport to quickly test services that you
With these two web service examples out of the way, let's dive deeper into the annotations.
8.2.5. JAX-WS annotations
Now that you've seen a basic example of a SOAP-based web service in ActionBazaar,
we'll explore the annotations in more depth. Entire topics have been written on SOAP and
JAX-WS. This section will serve as a basic introduction. SOAP is a complicated set of
technologies and specifications.
To get a SOAP web service up and running, you'll need at the minimum the following two
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