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Fig. 7 Chloroform content of solution-cast polyester films after storage a at normal pres-
sure (23 C) and b under vacuum (40 C) [79]
was concluded that an appropriate balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic
surface properties is required for appropriate protein adsorption and cell at-
tachment [117]. Surface modification of P3HB-5%3HV films with hyaluronic
acid or chitosan after ozone treatment and acrylic acid grafting has also been
examined. Enhanced cell attachment and proliferation of L929 fibroblasts
have been observed after immobilization of hyaluronic acid. Chitosan graft-
ing leads to more cell attachment to the film surfaces but less proliferation
in comparison to hyaluronic acid. It was shown that fibroblast attachment in-
creases but proliferation decreases with increasing surface density of amine
groups [118].
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