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portant role in the future of bionanotechnology and will change our lives in
the coming decades. We have encountered many surprises since we started
our serendipitous journey of working on various self-assembling peptide sys-
tems: from developing a class of pure peptide nanofiber scaffolds for cell
engineering and for tissue repairing and tissue engineering, studying of the
model system of protein conformational diseases, and designing peptide or
protein inks for surface printing to finding peptide surfactants that solubilize
and stabilize membrane proteins, bionanotubes and vesicles for delivering
genes and drugs. Self-assembling peptide systems will create a new class
of materials at the molecular scale and will have a high impact in many
fields. We believe that application of these simple and versatile molecular
self-assembly systems will provide us with new opportunities for studying
complex and previously intractable biological phenomena.
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