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Fig. 4.6 Some items in ComfTech catalogue: from the solution for premature baby monitoring
to sensorized garment for the elderly
comfort. The combination of technology industry and textile industry is still little
explored, mainly in the sense that technology has been used to create new textile
products (yarn, fabric). Instead in this case the rationale is the opposite, where the
textile technology does support biomedical engineering factors in making more
comfortable and user-friendly systems.
Therefore the goal is to produce and sell textile products characterized by
highly innovative textiles, functionalities and usability. A key factor is ergonomics
and design, in terms of smart sensors integration and positioning, usability, wear-
ability, comfort and acceptance of the system by the user.
In this sense we can think of ComfTech as a complementary initiative to SXT.
Thanks to their independence, they can also find different opportunities that can
lead to mutual synergies.
Today ComfTech has a catalog covering sensorized systems and garments for a
wide range of applications and for all age groups (Fig. 4.6 ). The company began
the procedure for certification, that is expected to be obtained by the end of sum-
mer 2013.
In the same period, the first system for home monitoring of newborns will be
released on the market.
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