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Together with them, the shareholding structure required since the beginning an
industrial partner with the purpose of supporting research in the process of know-
how industrialization and transformation into a product to be launched on the mar-
ket, and of performing the role of the leading actor in the business.
SXT is characterized by the R&D attitude to develop technological and meth-
odological innovation to be up-to-date in the market sector where it is positioned
in and that is characterized by excellent growth prospects.
Today (August 2013) SXT is ISO13485 certified and offers, either directly or
in co-branding, a variety of products, specifically compact and user-friendly sys-
tems for remote monitoring of a plurality of biological signals (polygraphs). It also
offers technical support, solutions design and industrialization of new products
and systems for SMEs and multinational companies that require such skills.
The latest product STX developed is Cardiodial, an innovative and miniatur-
ized single-lead ECG with GPRS data transmission for assistance in mobility, any-
where (Fig. 4.4 ).
4.5 Wearable Monitoring Systems. Case Study 2:
ComfTech (Comfortable Technology) s.r.l
The history of ComfTech is the outcome of a meeting, a meeting of people, a
meeting of skills, a meeting of technologies, a meeting of opportunities.
Comfortable Technology is first a project and then a company that was set up
in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Hospital of the Lecco Province—
Presidio “A. Manzoni”.
Fig. 4.4 The cardiodial system by SXT
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