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Fig. 3.5 Screenshot of the search page of the Espacenet database
in order to analyze some particular technical fields from differing viewpoints and
improve the efficiency of prior searches. F-terms derive from File Index, but in
practice they are two distinct and in parallel developed systems.
Each F - terms consists of a code (named theme code —corresponding to a cer-
tain File Index and representing a technological field) and of a code (named term
code , assigned depending on several technical factors, such as starting materials,
purpose, use, products, chemical structure, chemical—physical properties, etc.).
An example of the F-terms is reported here: 4C146 BC 09
The F-terms system contains much more subdivisions than the CPC system;
both systems are organized on a regular basis upon the initiative of examiners and
are published in the front pages of only Japanese patent applications.
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