Biomedical Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig. 2.6 Example of a
robotized orthosis for gait
restoration: a bionic walking
assistance system, composed
by powered leg attachments
to enable paraplegics to stand
upright, walk, and climb
meccaniche totali e regionali del sistema respiratorio umano. Inventor(s): Aliverti
Andrea; DellacĂ  Raffaele; Pedotti Antonio, Applicant: Milano Politecnico, Italy [ 9 ]).
All these technologies and applications are called functional analysis represent-
ing a description of a general motor and/or physical and/or physiological function.
These are successful examples of different IPR typologies (technological inven-
tion, method/process invention) that have been industrially exploited.
2.3 A New Scenario
Innovation in biomedical technology now offers a wide range of solutions for the early
diagnosis and effective treatment of many diseases. In modern medicine, the ICT
(Information and Communication Technology) increases the possibilities of diagnosis
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