Biomedical Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Therapeutic Biomedical instrumentation are all those devices, either electrical
or mechanical, which support the therapeutic activity of the patient. Examples of
therapeutic systems include pacemakers, artificial heart valves, the defibrillator,
the neuro-stimulators, hearing aids, etc.. Usually these devices are to be kept under
constant control, since they come into direct contact with the patient, either by
directly interacting with him/her or by changing some physiological and/or physi-
cal parameters (Fig. 2.2 ).
Rehabilitation instrumentation are all the devices supporting or implementing a
functional recovery. These devices are usually all the systems for physical therapy,
ranging from simple proprioceptive and balance boards to the most recent robot-
ized systems for neuromuscular training. They can be temporary solutions but also
permanent prosthesis (i.e. systems that try to fully integrate in metabolic processes
and/or although mechanical, can sometimes remain permanently in the body
Fig. 2.1 Examples of biomedical imaging systems classified in function of the radiation used
and its wavelength
Fig. 2.2 Example of
therapeutic biomedical
instrumentation: a pacemaker
and its catheter-electrode
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