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Fig. 5.19 ( a ) A schematic diagram of a DMFET and the experimental setup for the charge-
pumping measurements [ 52 ]. ( b ) Experimental results comparing the measured I cp values
before and after the binding of biotin-streptavidin in the nanogap. When the concentration of a
biotin/phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solution is fixed at 10 mM, the modulation of I cp depends
on the streptavidin/PBS solution concentration, which ranged from 20 pM to 2 nM in this case [ 51 ]
(Copyright 2010 American Institute of Physics)
Fig. 5.20 Measured I cp values as a function of the frequency. The sensing margin is increased
in the low-frequency range. The sensitivity can fall below the picomolar concentration range [ 52 ]
(Copyright 2010 American Institute of Physics)
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