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Click the Parrots Mask channel to show the masked area.
4 Select the Brush tool in the Tools panel and paint over the areas that are not light red. When you paint
with black you are painting masking material if you press X to switch to white you are erasing the
mask material.
If necessary, reset the Brush tool by right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl+clicking (Mac OS) its icon at
the top of screen in the Tool options bar and choosing Reset tool. Since the bottoms of the branches
are cropped out, you do not need to work on that area.
You can change the brush size by pressing the bracket [ ] keys and paint in the appropriate areas
to adjust the mask. Pressing the X key will toggle between adding and removing the mask.
5 Click the Close box next to the filename Parrots.psb , and then click Save to update the mask. If
needed, click the Layers panel tab to show it instead of the Channels panel.
Adding Layer Style effects
Layer Styles are one of the most powerful features for Photoshop. For example, you can change the col-
ors of the parrots to any other colors.
1 Select the Parrots layer in the Layers panel, and then select the visibility icon ( ) next to the corres-
ponding Camera Raw Filter to turn it off.
The Camera Raw Filter will interact and interfere with what we are about to do; you can turn it back
on later.
2 Click the Add a layer style button ( ) at the bottom of the Layers panel, then select Gradient Overlay.
The Layer Style dialog box appears with the settings for Gradient Overlay visible.
You can use the settings in this example or experiment on your own.
3 Change the Blend Mode to Hue.
4 Type 89 into the Opacity text field.
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