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Your Own Personal Army
Little Green Men by gpvillamil ( Figure 7-8 )
Why wait for the aliens to arrive and take us all away? Start printing your army
of little green men, and give the invaders a head start! With MakerWare, you
can add a bunch of these fellas to your plate and print a squadron in one go.
Figure 7-8. A little green man
A Parametric Model
TwistedBoxes by wizard23 ( Figure 7-9 ):
Parametric models are fun to explore; when you find one on Thingiverse,
you'll usually have a bunch of STL files to choose from, each one representing
the different ways the original model can be modified to create a new per-
This model has a lot of different variations you can download and make. And
after you read up on parametric modeling (see Appendix C ), you can down-
load the TwistedBox.scad file and try some variations yourself.
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