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Multi-Part Printing, Part 1
Nautilus Gears by tbuser and MishaT ( Figure 7-5 )
This is a good thing to get started printing multi-part things. When you snap
the pieces together, you get a couple of nautilus-shell shaped gears that spin
This is also a good example of a derived thing: MishaT based the gears on a
paper by Dr. Laczik Bálint (
view.aspx?SID=95483 ), and posted the thing at http://www.thingi . Tony Buser arranged the pieces on a single plate and
published that as a derived thing ( ).
Figure 7-5. Nautilus Gears
Multi-Part Printing, Part 2
Snap Together Mini Lamp ( Figure 7-6 )
Ready to level up in your multi-part object skills? This thing is an articulating
lamp that snaps together easily. Find yourself an LED, a couple of AA batter-
ies with a battery holder, some wire, add a 100 to 330 ohm resistor (optional,
but recommended), and you've got a functioning mini lamp!
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