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Figure 6-30. MakerWare Advanced Settings
MakerWare draws on two different slicing engines for its building pro-
files. These are different ways of translating your 3D model into instruc-
tions for your MakerBot.
Each slicing engine has at least one built in profile which you can use as
a base for any adjustments you want to make using the settings below.
The settings here are related to the look and sturdiness of your build.
Infill (%) determines how much of the inside of your build is solid. 100%
infill will make your object completely solid, while 0% will make it hollow.
Number of Shells refers to the outer structure — the thickness of the
perimeter your bot prints on each layer before it starts on the infill. Every
model is going to start with one shell, so the number of shells you set in
MakerWare is actually the number of additional shells that you are
adding. If you enter 3 here, your object will be printed with three con-
centric perimeters. These build in towards the center, so they make your
object more sturdy without changing the modeled surface.
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