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8. Select the Save button. Specify a name and location for the file. For ex-
ample, you could name the file flatiron_woolworth.thing .
9. Select the Make It button. The Make dialog appears with the following
Make With
Select MakerBot Replicator 2.
Specify the resolution of your build.
Select this checkbox if you want your object built on a raft. Rafts
provide a base for supports and help your object stick to the build
plate if the build plate is not exactly level. You can easily remove rafts
after making the object.
Select this checkbox if you want your object to include support
structures for overhanging parts of the object. You can easily re-
move supports after making the object.
Export (to File)
MakerWare sends your model to the Replicator 2 as a set of instruc-
tions in the S3G format. Export to file allows you to save the S3G file
or G-code file (an intermediate format) to your computer or an SD
Cancel this process.
Make It!
Send the file to the Replicator 2 for making.
10. Accept the default values and select the Make It! Button.
11. The Replicator 2 will start to make your buildings.
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