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After you have successfully leveled the build platform and loaded the Mak-
erBot PLA filament into the extruder, the LCD panel will ask you:
How'd it go? Ready to make something?
At this point, you're probably really excited to start making. Before selecting
Yes, you need to insert the SD card. The Replicator 2 package includes an SD
card that is loaded with files for making test objects. Insert the card into the
SD port directly behind the LCD panel as shown in Figure 6-21 .
Figure 6-21. Installing the SD card
With the SD card installed, you can now select Yes. The LCD panel displays:
Awesome! We'll go to the SD card menu and you can select a model!
Use the arrow keys to navigate through the list of models on the SD card. You
can choose from the objects shown in Table 6-1 .
Table 6-1. Things you can make from the SD card
File Name
Build Time
Chain Links
Chain Links
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
Mr Jaws
Mr Jaws
25 minutes
Nut and Bolt Set
Nut and Bolt
55 minutes
Stretchy Bracelet
40 minutes
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