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Working and sharing your results with others is what open source technology
is all about. You can join the MakerBot community even if you don't already
have your MakerBot.
The first step is the easiest. Just jump right in and sign up for the MakerBot
Operators Google Group . Spend a few days reading the conversations there
before you make your first post. Even if you don't have your MakerBot yet,
you might find a conversation you can contribute to. You'll also get to know
the community by reading the messages in the group, which will help you find
some few MakerBot Operators to follow on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook.
Find out if there are any MakerBot Operators near you. We are a friendly
bunch and can talk endlessly about our challenges, triumphs, and will even
share the stories of our epic failures. The best part about a live meet-up is
you'll get to see a MakerBot in action. Visit the MakerBot User Groups page
to find a map of MakerBot User Groups (MUGs) near you, or to find out how
to start your own.
Become Familiar with the Necessary
Every MakerBot Operator needs a basic working knowledge of the MakerBot
software, MakerWare ( ) , which al-
lows your computer to communicate with your desktop 3D printer. It is im-
portant to familiarize yourself with this software so you can get a feel for how
it would work with your machine. The MakerBot blog “Software” category
lists announcements of new releases of MakerWare, as well as information
about other software of interest to MakerBot operators.
Even if you never design a single thing, you could happily spend the rest of
your days just replicating objects from Thingiverse. However, as a MakerBot
owner you know that you're going to be happiest when you're making things
that you designed yourself. There are 3D design programs for people of every
computer and skill level.
If you're looking for an intuitive point-and-click interface, try out the no-
installation required and
websites. Autodesk 123D is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn free 3D mod-
eling program that can create STL files you can replicate on your MakerBot.
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