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destroyed by the door closers or did not work. So I designed a “saw-like”
door stop that was taller and did not have any large openings to get
crushed. Instead, it has columns to direct the force to the carpet and
grip tighter. I also incorporated the school's logo into the door stop.
My MakerBot Cupcake has been running nonstop to make enough for
my floor. The doorstops have been in use for 4 weeks and are all holding
up.” ( )
This doorstop is a must-have dorm essential for any incoming college fresh-
man. It's thin and can be stowed away anywhere in a small dorm room, useful
for keeping the door open or from letting it swing open accidentally, and
personalized for their college. In a dorm room where space is at an absolute
premium, it makes sense to have a desktop 3D printer where you can create
objects on demand, rather than have to stock up on things in advance. Rock
on Tetnum!
Figure 2-7. Tetnum's Doorstop
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