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Close the Door/Open the Door
We spend so much time in our homes that it is just a shame when we have
to put up with something that's broken. A broken mini-blind pull might seem
like a small thing until you realize that you're interacting with it several times
a day. For a MakerBot Operator, gone are the days when one almost imper-
ceptibly small part will render a toy, tool, furniture, or even a vehicle useless.
While there is a sense of joy and pride for any do-it-yourself-er (DIYer) when
they fix something, being able to design (or upgrade!) a replacement and
replicate a part means you can have a cosmetically pleasing and sturdy
SideLong needed to keep the door frame to his home from shifting around,
so he turned to his MakerBot to make something ( http://www.thingi ) to keep the door from getting jammed:
My house is built on shifting sand and is continually oscillating between
Brunswick and Coburg (in Melbourne, Aust) with the direction of travel
depending on the weather. This means that my front door frame has a
disconcerting habit of moving and getting stuck; really stuck! It's very
frustrating to get home and find that I can't get in, because the door has
moved and the lock tongue is jammed into the frame. So before I man-
aged to destroy all the screwdrivers/bike levers in the house I designed
this small thing, which I call the Door UnJam ( Figure 2-6 ), to do exactly
Figure 2-6. SideLong's Door UnJam
Tetnum and his fellow dorm residents had a common problem: none of the
doorstops they purchase worked to keep doors open:
In the dorms we have industrial carpet on the floors and all commercial
doorstops people have or bought slid, were too short or failed. So I
turned to Thingiverse and printed every door stop available were either
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