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In-Depth Information
To use these extensions, you need Inkscape, a free, open source and cross-
platform vector graphics editor. Before you get started, Download and install
the latest version of Inkscape for your operating system under Official Re-
lease Packages ( ) .
If you already have Inkscape installed, make sure to upgrade to the latest
version, 0.48 (or newer).
Inkscape Dependencies and Extension
Fixes for Lion and Mountain Lion
If you are running Mountain Lion, you will need to install X11 in order to run
Inkscape, as it is no longer included with the OS.(
kb/HT5293 ). You can now download X11 from the XQuartz project ( http:// ) . After downloading and installing X11, you
can install the latest version of Inkscape.
Then there is another hurdle, the Inkscape extensions are broken on Mac
OSX Lion and Mountain Lion. To remedy the broken extensions, you need
Windell Oskay's Inkscape fix that he created for exporting files from Inkscape
for the Eggbot.
Download and install the extensions fix from the Eggbot Google Code page
( ) . After downloading, unzip the file and run the installer
Now that we have patched, any extensions you install should
be able to operate properly under MacOS 10.7 - 10.8.
Close Inkscape if it is open. The next steps look difficult, but they are really
just cut and paste! You can do it!
Inkscape OpenSCAD DXF Export
The Inkscape OpenSCAD DXF Export will take a DXF file and remove all of-
fending splines and polylines so that you can easily extrude it in OpenSCAD.
First, Download the files from Thingiverse (
thing:14221 ).
To install Inkscape OpenSCAD DXF Export, follow the directions for your op-
erating system:
To install on Windows
Double click on the downloaded file to unzip it.
Then you can just move the files manually by copying them over to
C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions .
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