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No, Really, Make a Better Mousetrap
Building a better mousetrap is a classic story of innovation. Cathal Garvey
had a problem: he had a mouse living with him in his home in Ireland. He'd
just gotten 5 fresh pounds of ABS plastic for his MakerBot and he wanted to
find a way to catch the mouse without killing it. He made a blog post ( http://
challenge/ ) that quickly made its way around the Internet with a request to
follow the age old tradition of building a better mousetrap. His criteria was
that the mousetrap had to be a “live” trap so that the mouse wouldn't be
Within a day, there were 9 designs on Thingiverse tagged “mousetrap” and
within a few weeks, more were added. Whose freshly invented mousetrap
would meet the challenge?
Thingiverse user 2RobotGuy came up with a solution that used the power of
gravity to spring the trap and keep the mouse in a bent tube that looked like
a bent toilet paper tube with caps on the ends (see http://blog.maker
mousetrap/2/ ), shown in Figure 2-1 . In captivity, he shows undeniable video
footage of catching a mouse in his trap: .
Figure 2-1. Mouse vs. MakerBot
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