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Active cooling fan
The fan that cools the MakerBot PLA Filament as it extrudes.
Build plate
The surface on which the MakerBot Replicator 2 makes an object.
Build platform
The support for the build plate. The build platform includes knobs for
manual leveling.
A part of the extruder assembly. The Delrin plunger pushes the Maker-
Bot PLA Filament against the drive gear.
Drive gear
The gear that drives the MakerBot PLA Filament into the heater.
Draws MakerBot PLA Filament from the spool and pushes it into the
nozzle, where it is heated and squeezed onto the build plate.
Extruder fan
The fan that keeps the MakerBot Replicator 2 motor cool and disperses
heat from the heat sink.
Fan guard
A grill that protects the extruder fan and protects the user from the fan.
Filament guide tube
A plastic tube that guides the MakerBot PLA Filament from the filament
spool to the extruder.
A computer language used to describe the toolpath your MakerBot Rep-
licator 2 will use to build an object. GCode is converted to S3G before
being sent to your machine.
Heat sink
An active heat sink that dissipates heat from the cartridge heater. It looks
like an aluminum plate with fins.
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